Sunlight and ginkgo leaves, two of my favorite things! This was a character commission that doubled as my #7daysofcolor entry for “green”

Kitten Nuisance is still available for sale through Gallery Nucleus, along with a bunch of my other Steven Universe pieces. This show really brightens up my week and I’m so happy it’s back!

(Pearl is knitting a scarf for Garnet. Amethyst is being Amethyst.)

Orange for the #7daysofcolor challenge over on Instagram! I recently hit a follower threshold on my blog, so I’m gonna do a massive art giveaway soon. Thank you for your support!

#Pearl the #samurai. So excited for the #StevenUniverse reboot! #7daysofcolor #art #painting

Spokane Falls, travel poster commission I painted a while back. If you’re interested in my art process, check out the resources below:

layered photoshop file (.PSD)  |  my custom tools (.TPL)

Gallery Nucleus just posted the online gallery for the Steven Universe / AT exhibition!  I had a wonderful time visiting LA and meeting all the talented artists in the show. Thanks to everyone who came and made it great!

Since a few of you asked, here are some WIP shots for Baby’s First Lion, drawn with Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils, and Nupastels.

Baby’s First Lion, one of five pieces that I contributed to the Steven Universe / Adventure Time exhibition at Gallery Nucleus. I put a lot of love into this piece and I hope it goes to a happy home.

Edit: You can now purchase this piece directly from Gallery Nucleus!

This exhibition is going to be amazing: fantastic artists, raffle prizes, and a live performance from Rebecca Sugar! Hope to see you there!

Clean lines for two real-media paintings I made for the Steven Universe gallery show. Painting progress pics are on my Instagram… can you tell I like cats? :>

I plan to give out these linework prints during the show, for kids to use as coloring book pages. If you want to try your hand at digital coloring, you can download the files here!

The WeLoveFine Steven Universe t-shirt contest is almost over! Just one more day left to cast your vote! (5 is the highest rating)

Rate Crystal Gems Retro

Rate Pearl’s Pas de Deux

Red from Transistor. I can’t get over how gorgeous this game is!

Interior concept designs for a Vegas-style Casino Resort. I imagine the logistics of actually building these would be insane, but that’s not something I ever have to worry about :p

Crystal Gems Retro, mock movie poster for the Steven Universe t-shirt contest. One of these days I’ll write a gushy post about how much I adore this show for its artistic beauty, multifaceted characters, inclusiveness, sincerity, and all else that is good in this world.

Edit: You can now purchase this piece from Gallery Nucleus!

Pas de deux. (In addition to sword fighting demonstrations, I like to imagine that Pearl would enlist the help of Holo-Pearl to perform a dance duet!)

edit: You can now purchase this piece as a beautiful 16x16 canvas print from Gallery Nucleus

Retro-style Seattle travel poster commission. This city is looking so photogenic now that spring is here!

A few people asked if I would upload a layered .PSD for educational purposes, and I thought “why not” so here ya go. I apologize for the ridiculous file size and overuse of clipping masks:

layered photoshop file (.PSD)  |  my custom brushes (.TPL)

ECCC was so awesome that I already re-upped my table for next year! I had the great fortune of sharing a booth with a collective of amazing game artists from the area. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to come back!

Thanks to all the nice folks who stopped by my booth over the weekend, it really pushes me work hard and do more art shows! (For a list of my upcoming shows, check out this Upcoming Events/Shows” page I finally got around to making)