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Red from Transistor. I can’t get over how gorgeous this game is!

Interior concept designs for a Vegas-style Casino Resort. I imagine the logistics of actually building these would be insane, but that’s not something I ever have to worry about :p

Crystal Gems Retro, mock movie poster for the Steven Universe t-shirt contest. One of these days I’ll write a gushy post about how much I adore this show for its artistic beauty, multifaceted characters, inclusiveness, sincerity, and all else that is good in this world.

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Pas de deux. (In addition to sword fighting demonstrations, I like to imagine that Pearl would enlist the help of Holo-Pearl to perform a dance duet!)

Made this for the WeLoveFine Steven Universe T-Shirt Design Contest… if you like my design, it’d mean a lot to me if you could take a moment to vote for it! :)


Retro-style Seattle travel poster, made for a friend. This city is looking so photogenic now that spring is here!

A few people asked if I would upload a layered .PSD for educational purposes, and I thought “why not” so here ya go. I apologize for the ridiculous file size and overuse of clipping masks:

layered photoshop file (.PSD)  |  my custom brushes (.TPL)

ECCC was so awesome that I already re-upped my table for next year! I had the great fortune of sharing a booth with a collective of amazing game artists from the area. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to come back!

Thanks to all the nice folks who stopped by my booth over the weekend, it really pushes me work hard and do more art shows! (For a list of my upcoming shows, check out this Upcoming Events/Shows” page I finally got around to making)

“The earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand.”

This scene and quote from Castle in the Sky really stuck with me throughout my childhood. To this day, I collect rocks from caves, I grow moss in terrariums, I hold seashells up to my ears so I can hear the ocean… the earth speaks, if you just listen!

(See you at ECCC this weekend at Booth #502!)

You light up my world, a sappy little tribute to one of my favorite games of all time: Mario Galaxy!

Stop by Booth #502 at Emerald City Comicon on March 28-30 if you want to see more art like this! :D

Pentel pocket brush pen sketches… I’ve been testing out lots of different papers lately, between prepping for art shows. So far my favorites are Canson’s XL recycled bristol and multi-media sketchpad. Gotta have that toothy texture! 

Totoro Kittenbus, one of many 5x7 postcards that I’ll be selling at Emerald City Comicon from March 28-30.

Trust me when I say I was a very last minute addition to the exhibitors list… more on that later! :)


Happy Birthday to Wendi Chen! A commission order of a Japanese spitz and corgi! :-)

I love this so much!! Naomi is an amazing artist and you should all go follow her blog!


You’ll never find another love like my love.


InPrnt is doing a 20% off sale on all prints through Sunday, Feb 9th! If you ever wanted to own a copy of my Spirited Away piece (or any of my other art prints), now’s your chance:

(Also, WOW, I’m blown away by the number of notes this piece has! I’ve gotten some great opportunities thanks to all you amazing folks who reblog with credit. You guys are the best!!)

Francesca illustration & character sprites for a visual novel dating game produced by Light Grey Art Lab! She’s a shy, sweet girl who runs a French bakery… perhaps you could win her heart with some desserts?

Great Personality Gallery | Game Trailer | Download Game

2013 was a good, good year, but it’s time to let it go.

Something of a belated New Years’ piece featuring the lovely Queen Elsa. I hope your 2014 is filled with growth and adventure! As always, thank you all so much for following my blog (now 3 years old), it really pushes me to dream big and work hard! :)